The department is hosted in the School of Engineering. It is tasked with providing holistic educational training in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering education. It prepares graduates for entry-level positions in industry and government, self-employment and as faculty in vocational institutions and  universities.  The content, depth, and structure of the various curricula are continually updated and improved based on inputs from the faculty members, student body, university administration, industry stakeholders, so that the graduates serve the changing needs of society.

Currently the department offers three undergraduate programs. They are:-

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Students may specialize in petrochemical, agrochemical, design, analysis, automation, operation, or marketing of systems or services.
  • Bachelor of Technology Education in Mechanical Engineering.

The department offers three graduate programs. They are:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management