Designation: Tutorial Fellow
School: School of Engineering
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Academic Background

Qualification Institution Year
PhD Advanced Materials and Nanosciences CEITEC, BUT (Czech Republic)  Ongoing
MSc. Mechanical Engineering Dedan Kimathi Univerity of Technology  2020
BSc. Mechanical Engineering Dedan Kimathi Univerity of Technology  2015

Professional Qualifications

Qualification Institution Year
Graduate Engineer IEK   2019
Graduate Engineer EBK  2016

Areas of Expertise

  • Mechanical engineering – Materials: Processing and Characterization

Work Experience

  • May, 2020 – To date: Tutorial Fellow, Dedan Kimathi Univerity of Technology
  • Jan 2017 – April, 2020: Graduate Assistant, Dedan Kimathi Univerity of Technology
  • Jan 2016 – Dec 2016: Machine Maintenance Assistant – PML, Nairobi

Other University and National Responsibilities

  • July 2018 – Jan 2022: Departmental Exams Coordinator; Mechanical Engineering Department, DeKUT.

Journal Publications

  • K. Ronoh, F. Mwema, S. Dabees, and D. Sobola, “Advances in sustainable grinding of different types of the titanium biomaterials for medical applications: A review,” Biomed. Eng. Adv., vol. 4, no. July, p. 100047, Dec. 2022,

  • N. K. Angwenyi, N. M. Senga, N. K. Ronoh, F. M. Mwema, E. T. Akinlabi, and B. Tanya, “The effects of machining parameters on conventional machining: An overview,” Mater. Today Proc., vol. 44, pp. 1540–1542, 2021,
  • K. N. Ronoh, N. W. Karuri, F. M. Mwema, H. T. Ngetha, S. A. Akinlabi, and E. T. Akinlabi, “Evaluation of the surface roughness of Ti-6Al-4V for surface grinding under different cooling methods using conventional and vegetable oil-based cutting fluids,” Tribol. Ind., vol. 41, no. 4, pp. 634–647, 2019,
  • K. N. Ronoh, F. M. Mwema, S. A. Akinlabi, E. T. Akinlabi, N. W. Karuri, and H. T. Ngetha, “Effects of cooling conditions and grinding depth on sustainable surface grinding of Ti-6Al-4V: Taguchi approach,” AIMS Mater. Sci., vol. 6, no. 5, pp. 697–712, 2019,

Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
Conference Attended:

  • The 5th DeKUT International Conference on Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dates: 13th – 15th November 2019.

Awards, Scholarships  and Recognitions

  • PhD Scholarship – CEITEC-BUT, 2022.
  • DAAD-BridG iT (MSc Research Exchange Scholarship programme) – TH-Wildau, Germany, 2017.
  • Masters Scholarship (Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP)) – DeKUT, 2017.

a) Ongoing/Completed Researches

  • Ongoing Research: Laser Processing of Materials and Thin Film Depositions.
  • Completed Research: Grinding of Titanium alloy for Medical Implants.

b) Ongoing/Completed Researches

  • DeKUT Graduate Assistantship Program (GAP) – Ksh. 80, 000.00, 2019.

Research Interests

  • Biomaterials: Titanium Alloys, NiTi.
  • Laser Processing of Materials: Surface Modification.
  • Metallic Alloys (Monel 400, 699-XA, Kanthal) and Graphitic Materials (HOPG).
  • Thin Film Deposition.

Affiliation/Membership to Professional Bodies

  • Graduate Engineer – Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK).
  • Graduate Engineer – The Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK).