Position: Senior Lecturer
Email:  fredrick.mwema@dkut.ac.ke
Scopus Profile: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=57201079446
Google Scholar Profile: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=faNhSMAAAAAJ&hl=en

Academic Qualifications

 Qualification  Institution  Year
 Postdoctoral Research Fellow  University of Johannesburg  2021
 PhD (Mechanical Engineering Science)  University of Johannesburg  2019
 MSc. Mechanical Engineering Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology 2012-2015
 BSc. Mechanical Engineering Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology 2006-2010

Professional Qualifications

 Qualification  Institution  Year
 Graduate Engineer IEK 2021
 Member ASME 2018
 Graduate Engineer EBK 2011

Areas of Expertise

Mechanical engineering; Materials & Manufacturing; Thin film technologies & Nanomaterials; Surface engineering  

Work Experience

  • October 2021 – to Date: Senior Lecturer, DeKUT
  • December 2019 – October 2021: Lecturer, DeKUT
  • September 2015 – December 2019: Assistant Lecturer, DeKUT
  • December 2014 – July 2015: Tutorial Fellow, DeKUT
  • August 2011 – December 2014: Teaching Assistant, KUCT/DeKUT

Other University and National Responsibilities

  • Director, Centre for Nanomaterials & Nanoscience Research (CNSR) 2020 to date – DeKUT
  • Coordinator, Centre for Mechanical Design, 2020 to date – DeKUT



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Postgraduate Thesis Supervision and Examination

  1. Doctorate
    1. Kelly Mutonga. Title of research, “Development of a construction material from mixed plastic waste and Athi-river bentonite as compatibilizer cum reinforcement.” University of Nairobi. Proposal successfully defended. A co-supervisor
    2. Mr. Hassan Langata, PhD Mechanical Engineering student at DeKUT, research in Composite materials. Ongoing
    3. Stephen Oladijo, PhD Mechanical Engineering student at University of Johannesburg, Thin film sputtering
  2. Masters
    1. Harrison Shagwira. MSc research title, “Development of green building materials based on waste plastic and quarry dust”, DeKUT. Supervisor. Graduated in 2021.
    2. Stephen Segun Oladijo. MSc research title, “Optimization of RF Magnetron sputtering of HAP thin films on stainless steel for biomedical applications”, University of Johannesburg, Co-supervisor. Graduated in 2021.
    3. Magdalene Mungai Njeri. MSc research title, “Exploring TIG welding for surface engineering of structural materials”, DeKUT. Supervisor. Graduated in 2021
    4. Cleophas Obara. MSC Research title, “Optimization of microstructures and mechanical properties of aluminium alloy 7075 by MDF process using simulation and practical analysis”, DeKUT, Supervisor. To graduate in May 2022.
    5. Job Maveke. MSc research title, “Optimization machining of glass lenses”, DeKUT Supervisor. To graduate in May 2022.
    6. Charles Odada. MSC research title, “Development of a Data-Driven Digital Twin to Monitor an FDM 3D Printer”, DeKUT. Supervisor. Graduated in 2021.

Research Interests

  • Fractal theory of thin film materials.
  • Material development and characterisation.
  • Manufacturing-Additive manufacturing; machining; severe plastic deformation.

Affiliation/Membership to Professional Bodies

  • Graduate engineer – EBK
  • Graduate engineer – IEK
  • Professional member-ASME
  • Intellectual Property Rights (any patents registered)

    • Patent: Universal drive system for motorcycle powered machinery. A joint invention filed in 2020 under DeKUT. Accepted awaiting publication.
    • Utility model: A Foot-operated sanitizer dispensing system. An invention filed in 2020 under DeKUT.
    • Utility model: 400 series four-wheeled vehicle for motorization of agro-machinery. A joint invention filed in 2020 under DeKUT.